Rope Care & Sizing Instructions

Sizing Your Built Limitless Rope 
To correctly size your rope for your height, step onto the middle of your rope with one foot and pull the rope taut up against your body. The top of the handles should reach roughly around armpit level height. 
    If you find that your rope is too long, you will need to adjust the length using the adjusters inside of the handles. You may also adjust the rope's size by tying knots in the rope. Tie the knots as close to the handles as you can without letting the knot touch the handle. This method is preferred for this type of rope.

    For more rope sizing tips, visit @s_abdelhady or @builtlimitless on Instagram


    Jump Rope Care Instructions

    Avoid using your rope on hard surfaces such as concrete/wood/tile. To maximize the life of your rope, we recommend jumping on gym flooring or smooth rubber surfaces.

    Size your rope correctly! A rope that is too long will damage quicker.

    When rope is not in use, store it in your provided Built Limitless mesh bag.

    Avoid prolonged storage or use in very cold temperatures. This damages your rope and will reduce rope life.

    Remember more use = faster wear! Caring for your rope is key.