About Built Limitless

Founded by Sherein Abdelhady. Built Limitless is not only a brand, but a mentality. Being Built Limitless is embracing the sense that there are absolutely no boundaries to what you can become or do. It is when you learn that your evolution is never ending and your potential for growth reaches to infinity.  There is no limit to your dreams, desires, or potentials.  Because YOU set your own limits. Our mission is to empower and inspire all individuals that no matter what your circumstances are, absolutely no one can tell you what you can or can’t do. NO ONE can put limits on you and your capabilities. With a combination of passion and perseverance and embracing the limitless mindset,  you’ll come to learn that you are always capable of more, never less.

 Being built limitless is accepting the fact that you must be different to make a difference. You must show up & be daring. You have to show the world how enough you are, as you are. Clear the area for the unimaginable because anything is possible when you are Built Limitless.